MHD DHD COP QL Misson SD dth hammer



Supply Ability: 5000pcs/month

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Application: mining, construction, water well, ect.

Our dth hammer types:

Low air pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa

Middle air pressure :0.7-1.8Mpa

High air pressure:1.8-2.5Mpa


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Company Name:

Xiamen Zhaoxing Machinery & Electric Equipment Co, Ltd



Mobile Phone:

86-13859926347 86-18750924119 86-15980939471




185-9 Dongdu Road







Established 1996 19 years OEM

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MHD DHD COP QL Misson SD dth hammer

Our dth hammer models:

DTH hammer typeMHD35MHD45MSD4MQL4
Length(less bit) mm930mm103010841097
Weight(less bit) kg25kg3940.541
External diameter mmΦ82mmΦ99Φ99Φ99
Bit shankDHD3.5COP44 DHD340SD4QL40
Hole range(mm)Φ90-110Φ110-135Φ110-135Φ110-135
Connection threadAPI 2 3/8” Reg.API 2 3/8"RegAPI 2 3/8"RegAPI 2 3/8"Reg

Working pressure1.0-1.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa
Impact rate at 1.5-1.7Mpa28Hz27Hz27Hz27Hz
Recommended Rotation speed25-40r/min25-40r/min25-40r/min25-40r/min
Air consumption1.0Mpa4.5m3/min6.0m3/min6.0m3/min6.0m3/min

DTH hammer typeMHD55MHD55CMSD5MQL5
Length(less bit) mm1214116011751156
Weight(less bit) kg76.572.572.573
External diameter mmΦ125Φ125Φ125Φ125
Bit shankCOP54 DHD350RHD55C DHD350QSD5QL50
Hole range(mm)Φ135-155Φ135-155Φ135-155Φ135-155
Connection threadAPI 2 3/8"RegAPI 2 3/8"RegAPI 3 1/2"RegAPI 3 1/2"Reg
API 3 1/2"RegAPI 3 1/2"Reg

Working pressure1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa
Impact rate at 1.5-1.7Mpa25Hz25Hz25Hz25Hz
Recommended Rotation speed20-35r/min20-35r/min20-35r/min20-35r/min
Air consumption1.0Mpa9.0m3/min9.0m3/min9.0m3/min9.0m3/min

DTH hammer typeMHD65MSD6MQL6MHD85
Length(less bit) mm1248126112121492
Weight(less bit) kg10010095188
External diameter mmΦ142Φ142Φ146Φ180
Bit shankCOP64 DHD360SD6QL60COP84 DHD380
Hole range(mm)Φ155-190Φ155-190Φ155-190Φ195-254
Connection threadAPI 3 1/2"RegAPI 3 1/2"RegAPI 3 1/2"RegAPI 4 1/2"Reg

Working pressure1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa
Impact rate at 1.5-1.7Mpa23Hz23Hz23Hz20Hz
Recommended Rotation speed20-30r/min20-30r/min20-30r/min20-30r/min
Air consumption1.0Mpa10.0m3/min10.0m3/min10.0m3/min15.0m3/min

DTH hammer typeMSD8MQL8MSD10MHN100
Length(less bit) mm1463146515021510
Weight(less bit) kg192182290288
External diameter mmΦ180Φ180Φ226Φ226
Bit shankSD8QL80SD10NUMA100
Hole range(mm)Φ195-254Φ195-254Φ254-311Φ254-311
Connection threadAPI 4 1/2"RegAPI 4 1/2"RegAPI 4 1/2"RegAPI 6 5/8"Reg

API 6 5/8"Reg
Working pressure1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa
Impact rate at 1.5-1.7Mpa20Hz20Hz18Hz18Hz
Recommended Rotation speed15-25r/min15-25r/min15-25r/min15-25r/min
Air consumption1.0Mpa15.0m3/min15.0m3/min22.0m3/min22.0m3/min

DTH hammer typeMHD1120MSD12MHN120MNH125
Length(less bit) mm1900188019001900
Weight(less bit) kg480487485480
External diameter mmΦ275Φ275Φ275Φ275
Bit shankDHD1120SD12NUMA120NUMA125
Hole range(mm)Φ305-445Φ305-445Φ305-445Φ305-445
Connection threadAPI 6 5/8"RegAPI 6 5/8"RegAPI 6 5/8"RegAPI 6 5/8"Reg

Working pressure1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa
Impact rate at 1.5-1.7Mpa16Hz16Hz16Hz16Hz
Recommended Rotation speed15-25r/min15-25r/min15-25r/min15-25r/min
Air consumption1.0Mpa30.0m3/min30.0m3/min30.0m3/min30.0m3/min

Advantages of our dth hammer:
1. More efficient energy transfer,
2. Faster drilling speed, 15%-30% higher than others.
3. Lower air consumption and lower oil consumption. oil consumption is about 10% lower than others
4.  Direct factory price.

Advantages of our dth hammer spare parts :

  1. Valveless air distribution. More reliable.

  2. Simple design of the piston, long life.

  3. Fewer internal parts, simple structure, longer life, less failure and easier to maintain because all the parts are heat treated.

  4. Easy to disassemble because the top sub, the drive chuck and the external cylinder are connected by multi-step thread.

Our warranty of dth hammers:

In the early use if the dth hammer, rupture appears on parts such as external cylinder, piston and drive chuck ect.  the broken parts can be compensated according to the situation.

Dth hammer package details:

  Internal package : By carton box with foam ,one pc dth hammer per carbox

  External package: By wooden box, one pc dth hammer per wooden box.

  Round-sealed package can prevent damaging during delivery.

Delivery ways of dth hammers:

 Sample order can delivery by Air or International express, such as DHL,  UPS, Fedex, ect.

 Batch orders can delivery by Air , By truck or by Sea

 We can choose most favorable delivery ways for our customers

Related Products:

Also we can offer drill rig, air compressor, dth bit, rod, ect.

The application cases of dth hammer :

Since our company has been established in 1996, we have served a number of large mining projects  including blast holes, anchoring geothermal bore holes, quarring, well drilling and accumulated a  wealth of practical experience.And Our DTH hammer can be used in different types of drilling  machine

Our Factory:

 Advance equipment

 Professional technicians

 Strict production process

Company introduction:

About the Company strength:

Xiamen Zhao Xing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, with extensive experience in drilling area. We specializes in providing drilling solutions for our customers to improve efficiency and cost savings.

ZHAOXING is worth of your choice!

Customer visit:


The information about dth drill bit you may like to know before order:

1. Methods of Payment:

 T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) or Western Union or L/C at sight

2. Handling time for an order

 Based on order quantity, normally it takes 20 days for production.

  in 3 working days after receiving the advance payment

3. Shipping way

 Sample order: we suggest Courier express like DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX or by air

 Bulk order: we suggest by air or by sea.

4. Quality Control

 We have our own experienced QC.

 There will be strict inspection and testing for every order before shipping out.

5. After Services:

 a. Our sales team will response for your question within 24 hours (Holidays Excluded)

 b. Technical Support will be available in any time

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