Company Profile

Xiamen Zhaoxing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, with extensive experiences in drilling area. We specialize in providing drilling solutions for our customers to improve efficiency and save costs .

Since our company has been established, we have served numbers of large mining projects including blast holes, anchoring geothermal bore holes. As a result, we accumulate rich practical experiences; we have cultivated a contingent of well-trained, experienced maintenance engineers, and strong service team to guarantee the customers’ normal productions; also ,we have a number of outstanding partners to provide drilling rigs and drilling tools , and we are familiar with drilling products market. Therefore, we are here to provide drilling solutions that is low-cost, high -efficiency ;

When you want to buy equipments, our sale services and experiences will provide the best equipment configuration for your project;
When you want to improve the efficiency, our mining experiences can help you with an high efficient rehabilitation programs;
When you want to reduce costs,high-class partners we accumulated and their production capacity will produce high quality products with competitive price ;
When you want to repair equipments, the maintenance experience we precipitated and professional maintenance team will solve problems quickly for you ;

Zhaoxing’s drilling experiences and capacity

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